Will you build an arena in my state?

Yes.  We are pleased to offer our services across the nation, from Canada to Florida, and from New York to California.

Common Questions:

  • Can I add footing on top of a clay base?
  • Can I add rubber to my concrete sand or gravel (base material )?
  • Can I add fiber to my existing footing ?
  • Does the fiber offer enough shear?
  • What type of footing will help avoid lameness and injuries?
  • Is my footing is too deep, too soft, too hard ?
  • Why does my arena freeze? or Will the footing Freeze?
  • How can I stop my footing or sand from compacting?
  • What is a good footing for a barefoot horse?
  • What is the best way to groom my riding arena?

We would love to post easy solutions on a web page to help customers and simplify the process of repairing, re-doing, fixing or simply installing footing for their Riding arena; however, it takes individual attention to have success on each site or riding arena (literally each arena has its own set of variables and dynamics). The reason being is that dirt, sand, soil, clay, etc. have different dynamics in different geographical locations. Sure, that might be obvious from state to state, but actually it can vary across the road. This is why the well-intended advice from your trainer, friend, or large equipment operator can mean a big mistake and a total redo in the future. We can help you save money, accurately guide you and your local professional (if preferred) on how to select a site for your riding arena, locate the appropriate raw materials from a quarry in your area, grade the surface, build a sub-base, install a base, and add or install your favorite footing. Bear in mind that some locations are less expensive when building a riding arena. Depending on how close you are to a quarry or how convenient it is to ship to your location, your indoor or outdoor arena could be much less or more expensive than the same size and type of arena that your friend built two cities or states over.