arena maintenence

Arena Footing: How to Protect Your Investment

By Karen E. Baril
Your arena footing represents one of the most valuable investments on your farm. Good footing provides proper drainage, absorbs concussion, and gives without too much movement or sliding, good stability and traction, and absorbs concussion. Most well-constructed arenas start out in just this way, but keeping them functioning like new can be a challenge, especially if they get a lot of hoof traffic or, as in the case of an outdoor arena, are exposed to the forces of Mother Nature.
We asked Karen Leeming, co-founder of Footing First, LLC (, to share tips on preserving our investment. Karen is more than a footing expert. She’s an accomplished rider and was the manager of the Canadian Olympic Equestrian Team in 2000 and again in 2002 for the World Equestrian Games. Karen, together with her partner, Lawton Adams (construction specialist), were the official suppliers of footing to the 2009 Syracuse International Sporthorse Tournament and the 126th National Horse Show 2005 through 2010.