At FootingFirst™ we are not just selling footing... we are selling our service. We live and breathe arena surfaces, and we are horse people. Our strength is not only in creating footing, but knowing what works the best for your situation. Tell us your needs, and let us suggest what's right for you. Whether you’re a small lesson barn or an Olympic-level training facility, we can work with you to solve problems within your budget. The following are products that may work for you.


Drainage is one of the most important things to recognize when building an arena.
Water needs to move efficiently and evenly off the arena without causing erosion.  This can be achieved in many different ways depending on what type of footing is being used and what type of drainage system you may require for your geographical location.  Underwater systems as well as over-head watering systems require drainage to work properly when the heavens open. Take a look at the number of ways we can move water on, off, and around your footing.


It is paramount to have an excavator who is not only capable of doing arena work but someone who is an expert arena installer.  The removal of the top surface and grading of the sub-base requires less precision; however when installing the base materials and the drainage, correct installation is necessary for proper performance.  For example, if the stone dust is not compacted correctly or the incorrect material used, the integrity of the arena is lost.


FootingFirst™ doesn't just sell footing... we create it.  Using top-quality materials, we are able to manufacture the ideal surface for every rider in every area of the country.  We manufacture our own blends at our four mixing location sites. We independently quality test all of the materials we use in our blends to be sure we are using the highest quality "ingredients".  Take a look at our materials and you'll understand the effort we put into making the best footing.