Our dust-free footing comes in multiple blends, and consists of a specialized sand that is precisely blended with a select paraffin. All of our dust free surfaces are functional, high-quality footing options that can be used in both indoor and outdoor arenas.


TravelRight™ is our signature blend. It is a completely dust-free footing that provides excellent traction, stability, and cushion. It requires little maintenance, and performs well indoors and out, with unrivaled shock absorption and performance. TravelRight™ provides a surface similar to good turf, thus creating a surface similar to that upon which a horse was naturally built to travel.


Our TravelBright™ provides similar qualities as those found in our TravelRight™ footing.  TravelBright™ mimics the characteristics of natural turf.  In addition, it is lighter and brighter in color, which looks fabulous indoors and out.


TraveLite™ footing was created as a more cost effective and versatile blend. It provides more movement and shear, which allows many levels of horse and rider to enjoy a beautiful, dust-free environment. TraveLite™ has become a very successful blend for many facilities with a variety of disciplines and levels. Despite its cost-effectiveness, TraveLite™ footing provides good life, energy, and traction.


All-Right footing is our newest blend of traditional dust-free footing. This blend provides a good surface for many types of riding including reining, as the sand provides more shear than our other dust-free options, allowing a horse to slide through it.  However, the blend can be adjusted according to discipline by rolling the footing, which increases stability. It can also be dragged in to create a more lively blend. All-Right can be used for many disciplines such as dressage, jumping, reining, and racing.

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