The Equestrian Buffer Underlayment System

The Equestrian Buffer Underlayment System (E.B.U.S.) is the latest advancement in high quality arena surfaces.
The system consists of subterranean mats made of recycled rubber, which we install beneath our proprietary dust-free or water-dependent footings. The system can even be retroactively installed beneath existing footing that meets certain standards.

E.B.U.S. effectively reduces concussion and vibration, minimizing stress on joints and soft tissue, and allowing equine athletes the ability to perform at their best.

FootingFirst™ provides solutions made to last. 

E.B.U.S. mats are made of clean, post-industrial Polyethylene foam that has been diverted from landfills to produce a product that stands above the rest. The top layer of the E.B.U.S mat consists of a non-woven geo-textile filtration fabric which keeps the shock-absorbing mat and arena footing separate, while ensuring that the pad beneath retains the ability to drain.
The mats are extremely durable, impervious to mildew, bacteria, and rot, are chemically resistant, and retain shape under repetitive compression.

The proof is in the footing.

Key testing of the shock absorption of the Equestrian Buffer Underlayment System was an integral part of its development.

GMAX: impact testing has been implemented to measure industry-specific shock absorption and impact attenuation.
HIC: Head Impact Criteria (typically used in playgrounds and personal protective gear) has been used to measure and minimize the possibility of head injury arising from a fall.
Vertical Deformation: ensures an adequately solid footing to avoid injury, preventing concussion from a surface that is too firm, while reducing the likelihood of slowing down an athlete or creating joint or soft tissue injuries on a surface that is too soft.

What sets E.B.U.S. apart?

While the Equestrian Buffer Underlayment System is not the only subterranean mat system on the market, it is superior in quality. Extensive testing has proven the system to be ideal for safety and fitness. Because E.B.U.S is manufactured in rolls, it minimizes the number of seams beneath footing, while allowing for quick and efficient installation. And because E.B.U.S is comprised of durable materials developed to endure the test of time, the system is an investment that will deliver results well into the future.

But you don’t have to take our word for it!

Many of the world’s most successful competitors are already enjoying the results of the latest advancement in high quality footing.
Below, listen to Olympic show jumper Daniel Bluman explain how E.B.U.S helps him keep his horses fit and healthy at Bluman Equestrian, New York.

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Co-Founders of FootingFirst™,  Lawton Adams  and  Karen Leeming, each have nearly 30 years of experience in arena planning, construction, and footing installation. The company has been a leader in the development of synthetic equestrian footing since introducing the highly-acclaimed TravelRight™ and TraveLite™ surfaces. We continue to manufacture these and other quality products, and are determined to produce superior riding surfaces for every equestrian discipline.

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