“We have had our previous footing here at Castle Hill Farm my entire life. Needless to say, we’ve had our share of success. To be honest, I was very nervous to make such a major change in our footing not only because of those results but also the personal attachment to what my father had built here. But we must progress and change with time, always trying to better ourselves and how we train and care for our horses. So now after what was a monumental change for us I am truly so pleased and happy we did this. Of course the footing is amazing. Perfect in every way and weather condition. It not only is a far superior surface to train on, it is also a huge aesthetic improvement to our farm, which as you know I am very proud of. More important, working with Footing First has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure. Your professionalism and personal dedication is an example for every business.”

McLain Ward, Castle Hill Farm, SRS

Judy Richter on SRS

Daniel Bluman on Cushion Mats

“Lawton Adams and FootingFirst built us a beautiful ring. It’s really lovely, and I’m glad we did it.”

Judy Richter, Coker Farm, SRS over Free-Draining Base
“Feels like they have new legs!”
Lauren Hough
“FootingFirst has built two outdoor arenas for me. The footing has been fantastic, the horses work well on it, and it has held up to wear and weather for several years. If I ever build a third arena, FootingFirst will be my first call!”
Courtney Morse, Crann Briste, Econoblend
“TravelRIght™ has lived up to all its claims. After many steps traveled, it is by far a superior footing and I would recommend it to any fellow equestrian.”
Lendon Gray
“This footing is as good as it gets for competing indoors.”
Ian Millar
“The true test of footing is that it stays the same whether you are the first to jump or the last to go, and this footing does that remarkably well.”
Todd Minikus
“The perfect combination of resiliency, suspension and traction describes the beautiful new footing at Bear Spot Farm. We are riding on footing akin to the perfect ballet studio flooring…”
Jane Karol, Bear Spot Farm
“Our TravelLite indoor has been an amazing surface for us since 2008! 2019 was our first re-leveling and addition of an inch of product. It’s perfect! We are working our aged show horses and a few that have foundered as if they were youngsters…this is clearly a superior product to all others on the market!”
Kriss Lally, Madesy Arabians, TravelLite

“The single most important thing that I look at when going to new competition venues or new training venues is the footing. The footing is everything. It’s what allows you to train how you want to train and it’s what allows your horses to stay sound…For our farm at Bluman Equestrian, New York, we decided to work with Lawton Adams and FootingFirst. It’s great footing…and it always delivers. I feel that I’m safe, and taking the least risks possible of injury. We installed Cushion mats in our indoor arena. It’s something that I’ve never tried before, and it adds that much more protection for the horses when jumping. The mats have been a great addition, and we’re really happy with the results so far.”

Daniel Bluman, Bluman Equestrian, SRS over Cushion Mats